Saturday 2 May 2020

HLCX 5556 (ex CP)

I like leaser engines...and so does my shortline JSSX.  I particularly like 'em when they look like industrial machines that have seen lots of hard service for a long time.  I suppose that the shortline doesn't really care what they look like, just as long as they run reliably.

So with that said...

About 4 years ago, on a visit to Ron Creasor, I saw that he had a very nice Kato model of a Canadian Pacific SD40 on his layout.  The engine was painted in CP's maroon and grey scheme, with the script style lettering, and as soon as I saw it, I thought how it might look if it was weather beaten and patched over as a lease engine.

I noticed the same engine for sale at the train show in Woodstock some time later, but didn't buy it. And then I saw it still for sale at Woodstock again a couple of times after that.  I finally bought it this past January and brought it home.  Glad I got it then, because the April show was cancelled and I don't know when the next one might be held.

A week after I bought it, I had a visit from Mark Yurek, and Mark took the engine home with him to install led lights as well as front end ditch lights for me.  He also did a real nice job setting up the engine to run at low speeds for me. After Mark returned it to me, I got busy with the weathering and patching.

Sadly, this is the only "before" photo that I took,...

I'll just jump from that straight to the photos of the completed weathering/patching.  I chose to place this engine under ownership of Helm Leasing, although I have no reason to believe that they actually may have had an SD40 in this paint scheme.

I removed the Canadian Pacific script lettering using MicroSol and cotton swabs.  The large grey patch was done by masking the area off and then spraying it with SP Lark Dark Gray.  The stenciled style HLCX lettering is Microscale decals.

Lots of overall grime, and some rusty streaking as well.  I might have gone a bit too little heavy with the grime. If I ever get to go to an open hobby shop, I'll want to pick up a set of MU hoses and cab sun shades for this locomotive.

A view below showing the ditchlights that Mark installed for me.