Saturday 25 April 2020

How Will I Fill In This Area

First up, Brian Smith sent along this nice photo this week of a well weathered covered hopper. PLCX 27171 looks to me like it was built by Evans Railcar Mfg.  Fairly easily distinguished by the two wider panels, very nice models of this type of car were made in HO scale by ExactRail.
A quick check of the ExactRail website showed only the colourful Erie Western paint scheme of this car available now.  However, over on ebay there were a few of them available in much plainer paint schemes that would make for a very good starting point to emulate the weathering in Brian's picture.

Along my GTW line, I've been trying to figure out what to do with these two industrial buildings, or more accurately, what to do with the space that they are occupying.

Both are kitbashes of the Roberts Printing kit made by Walthers. These have been set in here as temporary placeholders, filling in this location until I can come up with something better. I very seldom even spot cars here.

As an exercise, I lifted the two buildings out just to see if it would spark an ideas for what to do with the space.  Seeing it as a big open space seemed to help a bit too.
I guess now I'll have to look through Walthers and Pikestuff's catalogues to see what I can find.  More on this if/when something develops.


  1. Perhaps something that takes tank cars? Corn Syrup, or an oil transfer area?

  2. I just saw this piece and have to say I like it with the buildings,just as they are. Of course I like "run through" shops and suggest you consider
    defining those spots for either 40 foot or 50 foot to slow those crews down.Looks like the back end of a newspaper plant to me.

  3. Interesting ideas from both of you. Thanks very much.