Saturday 9 May 2020

60 Foot DT&I Boxcar Weathered

I busied myself recently with the weathering of this double-door DT&I 60 foot boxcar for Brian Smith.  I'm happy enough with the results to show the boxcar here.  Note the areas below the door tracks receive less paint fading and grime

This boxcar is an older model made by Atlas, and since the doors can be opened, I thought I should take advantage of that and do a bit of weathering inside as well.  Have a look...

The boxcar shell of this model easily lifts off of the chassis, and once that was done, I quickly brush painted the floor (which was shiny black plastic) first in grey, and then added a silver colour over top of that. With that dry, I smeared AK Interactive's Dark Rust randomly across the floor, and followed that by brushing on a thin black wash that would highlight the gaps between the steel floor "planks".

A few very thin strips of black electrical tape were cut to simulate some scrap banding that's been cast aside, and a scrap of cardboard dunnage as well as a 6 foot long 2x4 have been  left strewn about the floor.

To put the graffiti on the inside of the doors, I removed two of the doors and turned them upside down on my workbench to add a graffiti decal.  After the decal had properly set, I used a stiff bristled brush to paint on a number of rusty scrapes and scratches.

After masking a few areas of the outside walls, which in the end would show as recently painted patches, the green of the exterior walls was faded overall with my go-to Concrete Gray.  Rust streaks and scratch marks followed.

The wheels and trucks were given my usual treatment of camo brown spray paint and rust powders.  I make sure to mask off the wheel treads before spraying with the paint.

Once finished, I kind of think that this 60 footer looks right at home here on my GTW  Maybe I should have tried to keep it for myself...I wonder if Brian would have ever considered letting this one go...

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  1. But.. it's all dirty and gross :P


    Looks great man. How'd you do the rust streaks? 'Pull'-ing artist's oils?