Saturday 30 May 2020

Railroad Crossing Road Markings

Before I get to my HO scale railroad crossing road markings, Brian Smith sent along this photo of the very well-weathered covered hopper PLCX 28283 from the Ontario Southland yard at St.Thomas, Ontario last week.  You may have seen this same photo last Sunday over on George Dutka's excellent White River Division blog.
Brian told me later that OSR had brought the car from the C&O over to CN, which then delivered it to the nearby Agrico Canada fertilizer plant.

And he had a photo of the other side of the same car as well...
My friend Luc is looking into finding models of this type of car for Brian, and for me too.  But, shipping cost into Canada is a problem.  A real problem.  Shipping will cost more than the freight car does.

Brian also sent along this detail shot of the reporting marks patchout.  Barely visible in the patchout are the ghost reporting marks of RVPR (Riverport RR).  I think the number looks to have been 2401.
Not to digress too much, but here's a link to an interesting 2017 magazine write-up I found about the Riverport Railroad

And so now, on to the model railroad part of the post for this week...I got a bit more done on that roadway/railroad crossing from last week.

I did make a stencil of the roadway markings image that I'd found on the internet.  Here's that image again.

I taped the stencil onto the road, and then sprayed it lightly with flat white paint.  I also used Railbox Yellow to re-paint the centre line of the road, instead of the white that I'd used the first time.
Since I had the airbrush going, I also taped off a few areas on the road and sprayed them with a couple of different shades of grey to represent patches done by the city road crews.

A longer view of the crossing/intersection as SD40 HLCX 5556 crosses. I added a bit of ground cover to better fill in the area between the road and the scrap-yard fence.  

And one more look from above...


  1. Jim, you made some good progress! The stencils worked out well and so did the roadway "patches"...I can feel the urban grittiness in your modeling. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, and it looks like that truck driver got tired of the local blocking that grade crossing so he turned around!

  3. Thanks again Dave...good observation...we'll go with that story. Lots of room to turn around in that vacant lot at the end of the recycler's property. I actually have something in mind for that area too, but when I'll get to it I just don't know.