Friday, 29 September 2023

Following 813 along the Front on the JSSX

So I mentioned last week that the 813 job had to get back to the yard before the 5068 could get going to do it's work.  So, here's a few looks including the 813 going about it's business.  

I call this area of the JSSX the Front simply because it runs along the front edge of the layout.  There's only two industries along here, but one is a transfer/loading industry, so almost any type of freight car can show up in there.

I should add that I completely forgot to include any of my new sets of people figures to any of these photos.

That's the Mississippian (MISS) boxcar that has to be picked up from the warehouse.  The track on the right serves as a temporary spot as well as pull-back for switching and run-around moves.  The track looks just a little rough, at least partly intentionally done that way.

A bit more of a perspective view of the boxcar and warehouse

And there's 813 as it's about to pull the boxcar from it's spot location.  I had to adjust the brightness of this photo on the computer, as I think the headlights threw off the camera's sensor and the picture was originally way too dark.

And again a bit more of a perspective.  Sorry for the slight blurriness at the front of the loco.  I think a bit of camera shake must have happened here

Two boxcars are dropped off now, and the one has been moved to the temporary spot, to actually be picked up a bit later.  Now 813 will be off to the other end of the spur to lift a couple of other freight cars.

At the other end now, 813 is about to enter into the trans-loading property where there's a pellet hopper and a boxcar to be lifted

Here they come out through the gate.  813 will drop these two cars just after they clear the track switch, and then pick up that Mississippian boxcar. Then there will have to be a run-around move done in order to get the engine on the proper end of what will be a 3 car train

So 813 had left that pellet hopper and the RBOX car behind for a few minutes, and then ran back to hook onto the Mississippian boxcar. Then 813 was run around with the single boxcar and backed on to the two cars.  All that's left to do now is to head on back to the yard.

Lance Mindheim posted a video this week on his website of an operating session on his Downtown Spur, and if you're anyting like me, you really enjoy Lance's modeling ability.  The model railroad portion of the video starts at about the 1 minute mark.

Here's the link to the video:

Other than that, have a great week...