Friday 24 February 2023

American Hardware Supply build - Part 2

Made a little more headway on the American Hardware Supply building, but it feels like it's been slow going overall.  Weathering the walls as I go, and then modifying the loading dock.

First off, those loading doors are all rather small, so I cut out some of the brick wall to make one door larger.  I used a spare roll-up door from my spare parts box, so that all worked out well.  The other door I intend to leave as the smaller size, and was thinking of putting a sign on it to say "Do Not Use.  Closed.", or something like that.

I thought I'd like to extend the loading dock across the entire length of the building, rather than just reach from one dock door to the other as it's designed.  I made an extension the proper length out of scraps of .040 styrene, and put a concrete block facing on it just to make it appear that one section or the other had been re-built at some point. This worked out too, but took me some time, as the first time I made the dock section it turned out too tall. I'm not sure how I got that so wrong.

The windows on the left hand side have been permanently filled in with concrete.  I used actual concrete patch material for that.  A quick brush over with thinned dark grey toned down the look of that material.

The building wall had a bit of a warp in it.  I've seen this often before with Walther's structure kits.  I used some small C-clamps I had to get the original section of the loading dock to stay welded (glued) to the building. I also reinforced that bond by adding some scraps of styrene angle underneath the dock.

This view shows the loading dock's two sections as installed.  I had also put a few gouges in the edges of the dock to show a bit of damage, and ran some weathering streaking down from them.  The two brick sections are wall sections for the head house (?) on the rooftop.

You get spare or alternate support parts for the water tank in the kit.  I kind of like this steel one.  It might make a nice change from the concrete supports that I've used for the Walthers water tank on other kits in the past.  Some cutting and filing will have to be done to use it though, so I'm not sure I'll actually do that. We''ll see.

Hoping to get to the window glazing and the roof next.

Wouldn't want you to miss this new YouTube video of the Miami Downtown Spur layout from Lance Mindheim and his friend Tolga Erbora.  Lots to see and soooo many great structures and scenery ideas.  Here's the ;link...

That's it for this time.  Thanks for looking in.

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