Friday, 3 February 2023

Ground Hog Day


Looks more like a cartoon beaver to me, but maybe that's just me being Canadian

An internet acquaintance (Monty) had this Atlas boxcar for sale last week via facebook.  I'd didn't think I'd ever seen this particular paint scheme and reporting marks on a boxcar before, so I decided rather quickly that I'd like to add it to the roster here.

Atlas NSC 50 foot boxcar, decorated in Youngstown & Austintown paint.   Ooops, just now noticed the wheels off the rails.  That's not good.

I haven't yet found any photos of these cars in this paint scheme on the interwebs, so I'm not sure how this one will be weathered. I'll keep looking though in order to get some ideas.

I brought this Bowser SD40 out of the cupboard this week.  It's not the type of thing that the JSSX shortline would buy for itself, but could have a chance to show up around here from time to time as a leaser.
An excellent model that I've seldom operated with here. How 'bout that fuel tank though?!  I believe that the prototype engines were sold off to a leasing company.

Of course I would like to patch this one as a lease engine, but it's another model that I've had trouble finding photos for.

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