Friday, 3 March 2023

Maintenance of Way Crane

The new image at the top of the blog for the month of March, shows a somewhat imposing view of the front end of hard working JSSX 813 switching cars along South Industrial Blvd.

I recently sold off this work crane to another modeler in Prince Edward Island.

The crane hadn't been seeing a lot of use on the JSSX, and I happened to stumble across someone that was wanting one, so...
I'm hoping that Stephen in PEI is happy to have this one.
I used to have photos of the crane actually on the layout, but of course I lost those in the great 2020 hard drive crash.  I should have thought of that and re-taken a few new ones before I shipped it out.  Too late now.

And here's an updated view of my paint-by-numbers effort of the scene along the JSSX east side
It's really starting to take shape now.  Keeps me out of the basement for a couple hours at a time. I sort of wish I'd used a different locomotive for this (my B23-7). Oh well, it is what it is as they say.


  1. What company did you use for the painting kit?

  2. I think it was this one. Here's the link: