Friday 17 February 2023

This and That for February 2023

I was pretty happy (make that excited) last week to hear from Kevin Smith that a photo from my JSSX has made it into the March issue of Model Railroader magazine.  It's covers pages 62 and 63, in the Trackside Photos section.

Also newsworthy, George Dutka, who of course has the White River Division blog, now has a book out appropriately called "Model Railroading with George Dutka".  It's published by White River Productions, who as we all know are the publishers of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.

Here's a link to the White River Productions web page for George's book.  You'll be able to read the bullet points of his book's contents, and order it if you'd like to do so.

In other news, I suppose everyone has seen video of the giant NS derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.  Another separate problem took place in North Carolina last week.  I thought this image from the news was a bit of an eye-popper...

National Salvage & Service, a used tie storage facility in Wayne County, North Carolina had a fire last Saturday.  Those fire trucks look awfully small, and that fire looks awfully big.  I hope that no one got hurt.

Click on this link below to read more about it, keeping in mind that it's dated last Saturday, the 11th.

Last September I showed this image here on the blog.

Below is the first "update" for it.  The painting sat in it's packaging for the rest of the fall and well into January before I finally got started actually working on it.  Here's a look at what's been accomplished so far.  This is after probably about 10 - 12 hours actual working time at our dining room table.
This thing isn't easy. I'll show more again in a few weeks, hopefully with a bit more progress.

I'll close out the week now with this view of JSSX 813 on the spur alongside South Industrial Blvd.  I just wish I could get that chain link in focus too.

Maybe I can go back and try again to improve the focus, but the neighborhood looks a little sketchy


  1. I love paint by number pictures, but that looks insane!

  2. It is...when I first opened the pkg up, I looked at it and just shook my head wondering what had I gotten myself into. That's why it sat for 4 months before I decided to start it. I've done a couple of others, the first was the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road" album. It took months, but turned out great.