Friday 30 December 2022

Fixing Up Structures (Part 3) - Finished For Now

This is how the "auto parts manufacturer" on my GTW line looked a couple of weeks ago before I started to modify it to better suit the 86 foot boxcars that generally get spotted there:

And below, we have a look at the end section after it's been modified

I added piece of vertical pipe - actually a piece of parts sprue - to try to help disguise the seam in the wall. A short section of track is also added to reach the end of the MDF.  Along the way I also clumsily managed to damage some of the fencing in front of the track, so I've cut that section out.  I'll have to make a new piece to replace that.
Track is in and painted, some rust powder along the ties, coarse ground cover, new section of fence, and the track bumper in place.

After I cleaned the rail heads, I lifted the whole structure module back over to it's place on the layout and tested it out with a six-axle engine.  Power to the entire track is evidenced by the headlight operating the locomotive.

I know there's probably not a big visible difference to most of you, but with that offset wall removed we have 3 86 footers spotted at the plant instead of two as before. And fitting the space quite nicely, just as I had hoped.  You'd almost think I knew what I was doing. Almost.

I've omitted putting a gate at the rail entrance.  It should have one, but I'm thinking of actually relocating the whole module some time in the future and making the building and spur longer so it could perhaps take another car or two.  We'll see.

So, that'll be it for 2022.  Thanks for looking in here, I appreciate it. And I wish everybody a Happy New Year.

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