Friday, 16 December 2022

Fixing Up Structures

I decided to finally get around to doing a little clean-up and maybe some minor improvements on at least one of the industries on the layout. With the open floor joists above the layout, dirt and dust and stuff does fall from above and land on things.  Over time things do become a bit unsightly.

I could use a bit of a break from weathering freight cars anyway.

I decided to start with an easy, but important one, which is to clean up the Midwest Plastics plant.
The building, track, and fence are all mounted on 1/8th inch MDF.  All I have to do is slide the rail joiners back, and then I can lift the whole thing right out and carry it all over to the workbench.  I expect it will get there in one piece.

Made it to the bench at least!

This is the type of stuff that falls from above onto the building
Vacuum cleaner and a soft brush to clean up

I must have let myself get distracted (which would be typical of me) 3 years ago when I put the buildings together because the rooftop vents (Walther's kit parts) have been just sitting on there loose the whole time. I'll add one or two more and glue them down.

I framed in the overhang on the roof with some I-beam painted with red primer, and added an extra vent on the roof and one on the front near the window. The air unit got some light weathering, a door to the roof was put into one wall and a random piece of piping installed too. There were a couple of marks on one silo, so I painted on a couple of small rusty coloured patches.

Once I get MidWest Plastics back in place on the layout, I'll move on to this backdrop structure, doing much the same thing.
This place was never served by rail. It was meant only to fill in space along the backdrop.  The vents on the roof here haven't been glued in place either.

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