Friday, 6 January 2023

CLP Boxcar on the JSSX

It's a pretty rare circumstance that sees a boxcar spotted at the trans-load spur in front of the old REA building, but that's just what happened this week...

GP38 number 813 has just dropped this old patched boxcar and is about to pull away

This very well patched boxcar is former Port Huron and Detroit. The model is an Athearn FMC boxcar that I got from Luc several years ago.  I'm sorry I don't remember who it was that did the patching and weathering on it.

Clarendon and Pittsford 3310 is one of only a couple of freight cars on the layout that were not weathered by me.  I only wish I could do weathering and patching as well as this.

And just for interest's sake...
This is what the CLP boxcar would have looked like in original paint.  I took this one from my storage cupboard for this photo.

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