Friday, 9 December 2022

GNTX RailGon

As GNTX was spotted into the metals recycler spur, I was thinking that it looked a little plain. I cut out a bunch of graffiti decals (I know a lot of people "don't like graffiti", but I figure it's here to stay and I try to be somewhat modern on the layout) and applied them along one side of the gondola.

This will more or less match with another gondola of the same type.

RailGon 297391 in the metal recycler spur.  Some time in the past I had sprayed the gondola with Rail Brown.

Rail Brown was also brush painted on the inside of the gondola

Here's the gondola with the graffiti from a variety of decal sets. I dulled down the decals using the airbrush loaded with the same Rail Brown as I mentioned above.

I decided I would do a bit on the inside as well, so I thought I'd make up a removable floor. I've made removable false bottoms for empty gondolas before, but I still needed one for this car.
Starts with a simple piece of .040 styrene that is cut to size to be able to drop in

Brush painted with 3 or 4 coats of brown craft paint

The top piece here is the new one, with a little bit of fine patio stone sand glued in place.  It was then coloured with some rust powders and a couple of drops of Tamiya's Panel Line liquids in black and brown.

False bottoms dropped into two gondolas, the new one at the top in the photo

And the scrap metal loads that I made previously just drop in right on top of the false bottom pieces.

Changing gears now,.. A few weeks ago,  Brian Smith sent me these following 2 pictures from the vacation trip he took to Europe with his adoring wife Laura.
Brian titled this one Railyard in Rome.

I don't think I've ever posted passenger or commuter photos on here before. This is real nice looking equipment, taken I think in Spain.Note the catenary wire.

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