Saturday 26 February 2022

Leaser at South Industrial Blvd.

I was hoping that I'd receive the decal trim film this week that I had ordered from Microscale a full month ago now, but no luck.  I want to use it to make up the white striping on the sill of the GP38.  Those sill stripes, painting the handrails, and a finishing spray of dull cote are about all that's left to do on that engine now.  Well, I don't seem to have any antenna in stock here for the roof either, so I'll have to try to order in some of those as well.

I've been a member at for quite a few years, and this week I posted a few photos of my NREX lease engine GP38 as it rolled onto the South Industrial Blvd. section of the layout.  I thought I'd show those photos and maybe a couple more here as well.

Up close shot of the GP as it rolls onto the street trackage.  The Tri-Mac tanker wisely chose to wait inside the gate rather than try to beat the train.

Here's a look at the prototype engine, photo taken by Alan Gaines.
This was the photo that inspired me to model the engine

A longer-range view from a bit further down the street.

This is a look down the spur of one of the industries that the 3885 will switch out. The leaser engine can be seen in the distance.  Forgive the poor depth of field in the photo.

Something of a drone view of the engine after it's performed the runaround move to couple on to the opposite end of the train.  The smooth sided NW boxcar will be switched out for a waffle sided car of the same size.

In this higher up view, the 19 degree diamond crossing of the JSSX and the GTW can be seen.  The diamond allows my GTW to run as a continuous loop, while the JSSX is point-to-point. I've kept the crossing somewhat hidden behind the closed and boarded up REA building. That track in the centre of the picture needs to have the ballasting finished up after I replaced the section quite some time ago.  It's kind of one of those projects that should be done, but I've just never gotten around to fully completing.

Attached below is a link to a really well done video of a terrific looking layout called the Tenino Western Railroad, set in the pacific northwest.  Great scenery, great structures. 13 minutes long. 


  1. Do you have a track plan on your website?

  2. Not sure if I put one up about 4 years ago. I'll look and see. If I can find it, I'll try to post it up next week.