Saturday, 5 March 2022

Well, What's Your Workbench Look Like?

 Here's mine.  Lots of projects on the workbench, doesn't really seem to be too much getting finished up though...

Let's no particular order, we have 2 GP38's receiving paint work, and an SD38 that's there just for some touchup, there's a Proto1000 CN boxcar that just arrived, a RailBox car that I intend to put some graffiti on, and 2 other boxcars that are to be weathered for Jamie.  On the shelves down at the far end are I don't know how many bottles of paints which are actually (remarkably) in some semblance of order. There's the airbrush hanging at the near end of the bench, and my CMX track cleaner car sits close by.

Anybody wants to show off their workbench can send a picture of it to me at  I'll post it up here.  Kind of an audience participation type thing.

On the layout, the industry in the back ground is where I usually spot the big 86 foot auto parts cars. That spur will hold 3 of those big boxcars, but it kind of looks like they're jammed in when I put that many in there.
The structure is a touch over 49 inches long, and I've got a rather vague idea about relocating it and making it longer. I've got so many of the big boxcars that it would be real nice to be able to get 5 of them on the spur for switching at one time.

But I've got to clean up some of those other things from the bench before I try to do that.

And speaking of 86 foot cars, I received 2 new ones this week from Tangent.  Here's a look at one of them.
This is a model of a Conrail re-paint of an 8-door Greenville car.  It's really nice.  Right out of the box, the model had a little bit of a problem derailing though, even on straight track.  Now, maybe the track isn't laser straight, but the boxcar shouldn't be derailing like that.  Turned out that the screws holding the trucks were just a touch too tight.  Problem solved by simply backing off the screws a little bit.

And this is an Alan Gaines photo of the real boxcar from  Should make for a nice understated weathering on the model whenever I can get to it.

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