Saturday, 19 February 2022

GP38 Continued

Work continued, albeit slowly, this week on the JSSX's new GP38. Below is a view of some of the detail parts to be applied to the GP38.

From the left, we see air tanks, plow, brake winch, 2 exhaust stacks, platform steps, sunshades, bell,  air horn, fans, and a curved grab iron.

And here are a few more parts as well:
Coupler lift bars, air hoses, spare fan parts, a couple of optional bells, grab irons, and steps.

Anyway, the engine is coming together fairly well now, as the painting is pretty much done, except for  a few of the parts and clear coats.

A simple plug in of the ECU 4-function decoder to the Atlas circuit board

Pictured below is the new locomotive, with it's unkempt brother lurking in the background. I'm thinking of trying to locate the horn toward the rear of the locomotive, sort of between the 2nd exhaust stack and the 1st fan. Maybe with the air line for it running along the roof.
The new loco will likely be numbered "812" to go along with the JSSX's other GP38's which are numbered 813 and 815. I want to put the grey and white stripes on the sills before I put the handrails on, but the trim film I intend to use for that hasn't arrived from Microscale yet.

 And now, completely unrelated to railroading, the coal fired Lambton Generating Station is about 25 miles downriver (south) of Sarnia.  Or, at least it was until around 8:am last Saturday, when what was left of it was taken down by controlled implosion. The plant was shut down in 2013 by the McGuinty / Wynne Ontario Liberals government in favor of a move to gas fired power generation.  At one time, about 900 people worked at this power plant.

Glad I wasn't downwind...that's looks like quite a lot of coal dust.


  1. Is it newer than the other locomotives? If so, shouldn't it number be higher (816?) than the older ones?

  2. You know, although this locomotive is new to me, I never actually considered it as being newer or older on the shortline. If that makes any sense. Truth be told, I had decided on numbers 813, 815, and now 812 for sentimental/family reasons.


  3. Thanks DandH. That was a great picture you had posted on your blog of the GP40 rolling through the woods.