Saturday 5 February 2022

Weathered SBD Covered Hoppers

Four weeks ago, I included in my post a photo of my new undecorated GP38.  I wrote at the time that I had ordered a non-dynamic brake hatch section for the locomotive.  Happy to report that the new replacement part arrived a week ago, and dropped right into place, just as it should.

Now, maybe I can get to painting the locomotive soon.

Basically the same photo as I posted a month ago, but with the non-dynamic hatch in place of the original one.

I spent most of my modeling time this week weathering a pair of CSX/SBD 3-bay covered hoppers for Jamie.  The two hoppers were identical, including having the same reporting mark numbers. I patched over and changed the numbers on one of the cars.

Here area a few views of the covered hoppers after weathering:

The grey patches are done with Microscale trim film cut to fit

I faded just a few panels faded on the second car with PollyScale (remember that brand?) "Dust", and then added the rust after that.

And the two covered hoppers together:

The old dump truck is slightly out of scale, but it was mine when I was a little kid and it's staying there.

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