Saturday 3 July 2021

Boxcar Kitbash (Part 2)

I didn't get as far along on my boxcar project this week as I would have liked, but the weather's been nice, it's hockey playoffs, and the Blue Jays games are on too, so those are my reasons.

However, the roof is now re-attached to the car, and I removed the factory lettering from where I thought it absolutely needed to be removed.  I soaked little bits of one ply of paper towel with MicroSol and left it on top of the lettering for about 20 minutes and the lettering lifted right off using a damp Q-Tip. Just that easy.

Here's a look at the boxcar in grey primer...

And another.  I think the car is looking at least decent...

Then, of course, I realized that I'd made the posts directly above the corners of the doors the wrong size.  I popped them off (with no damage to the styrene behind them), and cut new ones the proper width.  

So that's where we stand with this project as of this morning...

On another note, I found this wooden sign interesting when I saw it in a photo posted on  The original photo was taken by Dwayne Reinhart in roughly 1995.  I first straightened the photo in my Paintshop program, and then cropped out everything else to leave just the sign.  Might make for an interesting detail to include somewhere on the layout.

Posted here with permission from Dwayne, so, my Thanks certainly go to him.  He also told me he wouldn't mind at all if any of us use the photo on our layouts. I'm going to print one or two copies and use it at an industry to be decided, somewhere along the JSSX.


  1. I can well imagine that some of that work was a bit on the tedious side, but I think your results are 'worth'.
    I've run across a surprising number of these (and similar) 'let's make it taller' boxcars while perusing prototype photographs.. and it's not a "modern era" thing only either..

  2. Thanks very much Dave. This model is a kind of new challenge for me.