Saturday 26 June 2021

Boxcar Kitbash (Part 1)

 I saw this (Collin Reinhart) photo of LRS 1421 on and thought maybe I could give modeling it a try.  Obviously the boxcar has had it's height extended, but I found the added bracing on the vertical ribs interesting as well.  Having the two different colours of green doesn't hurt either.

I've cropped the original photo to remove items surrounding the boxcar.

This Athearn boxcar will serve as the victim in this effort.  I hope this goes well.  Not a lot of experience cutting up  freight cars.  Oh well, here goes...

Off with the roof...which was a little bit nerve wracking.

A few minutes work with a Zona saw and I had the roof removed.  I should also note that I removed the stirrup steps first.  I figured that I'd probably just break them anyway as I worked on the boxcar, and maybe if I took them off I could save them.  Well, I got 3 out of 4 off alright, but that 4th one flew off across the workbench, never to be found.

Between Luc Sabourin and I, we figured that the boxcar height was extended by 18 inches, so I cut strips of .040" styrene to that width, and added them to the top of the boxcar body.

Below, the boxcar roof is just loosely sitting in place for the moment.
Adding the short vertical ribs to the extension should be next.  Stay tuned, as I'll try to have more on this project next time.

Before you go though, here's a link to another YouTube video.  This time it's highlighting Rapido's June 2021 arrivals (8 minutes long).  Nothing there of interest to the JSSX really, but it's real good to see them continuing to add more to their product line.

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