Saturday, 24 July 2021


I thought I'd feature a few views of Brian Smith's B&O SD7 model. I never seem to be able to tell an SD7 from an SD9, but has B&O 1830 listed as an SD7, so I'm going with that.

Brian's B&O 1830, as it was upon it's arrival here at JSSX.  This is a fine looking model right out of the box.  The one (minor) thing that I noticed that I thought looked out of place was the wonky yellow colour of the 4 ladders, but the weathering should camouflage that.

1830 at the JSSX maintenance facility.

A closer view

A view showing the roof.  I put a little bit of rust powder on the exhaust stacks.

And after I was finished with the weathering, Brian asked for one more thing.  Would I be able to blank out the "B&O" lettering on the side of the cab.  This was really not a problem. My solution was to spray decal trim film B&O Blue, and cut narrow strips of that to apply over top of the lettering.

At the maintenance tracks again, with the lettering "painted" out.  The solution of painting the  trim film worked out very nicely

1830, with the paint-out stripe, sits idle at the far end of the JSSX yard

And one more thing...

This link is to another YouTube video, this one of the of a GTW GP38 working at the Dunn Paper plant in Port Huron, Michigan.  The video is only 2 minutes long.

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