Saturday 17 July 2021

Ferromex Boxcar on the JSSX

 Taking a bit of a break from my boxcar project this past week, I swapped out a few of the cars that have been out on the layout for a while, and replaced them with cars that have been tucked away in the storage cupboard.

Here are a few looks at one of them as it makes it's way from the JSSX yard around to the consignee.

This patched FXE boxcar as it's just being dragged out of the JSSX yard was formerly owned by the Nacionales de Mexico railway.  The Ferromex decal was made for me a few years back by Sean Steele.  The FXE letters and numbers are from Microscale stencil font decal sets.  The overall grimy appearance was done by brushing on thinned ivory black acrylic water mixable oil colour.

Some fresh paint seen along the lower portion of the boxcar side was done with Microscale Trim Film.  Interesting to note that the weight data is in kilograms.  I don't really know if the Mexican road blanks out the capacity line as the US and Canadian railroads have.

The view of the other side of the Ferromex box is somewhat obstructed as it rounds the curve behind the JSSX storage area.

A better view of the boxcar as it emerges from beneath the highway overpass. The overpass, which spans both the GTW line and the JSSX rails is slated for replacement, hopefully sometime this year.

The graffiti is a mix of a couple of different brands of decals.  I particularly like the image of the Spanish looking gentleman.

As happens so often to railfans, these views of the more visually interesting side of this seldom seen boxcar are partially obstructed, this time by a fence and an old guardrail.

JSSX workhorse #815 has the switching duties this day. 

And one more thing...

Brian Smith sent me the link to this YouTube video a long time ago (4 years ago actually) and I've just stumbled across his email again this week. I thought I'd share the link. 10 minutes long, the video shows the GTW working hard in a few rather sketchy looking areas of the Motor City.  In some ways, the video sort of sums up just what it is about the GTW that makes it my favourite railroad. 

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