Saturday 10 July 2021

Boxcar Kitbash (Part 3) Paint

 I drove out to the local Michael's store this week to look for paint for the boxcar project.  I took along the prototype photo that I've been using, and came home with two craft paints called "Celery" and "Beach Glass". They looked like near perfect colour matches.

As a refresher, here's the prototype photo that got me started on this project in the first place.

I cut some .005 styrene into strips to use as the reinforcing, or whatever it is, on the vertical ribs of the prototype car.

So here's the painted boxcar, with the reinforcing still to be added.

The car looks pretty good actually, although I kind of think that the paint looks a bit too yellow.  I was expecting it to appear a bit more green than it does.

This is where the project stands at the moment.  I guess the next step will be the lettering and weathering and graffiti.

I have this local shot from Friday...
Looks like fresh paint on this GP38 belonging to Larry's Truck & Electric.  3830 has emerged from Lambton Diesel Services in Sarnia on July 9, 2021.

And this one as well from a couple of weeks ago to go along with it...
3830 even looks clean on the inside.


  1. On my screen it looks a good color match.
    But color theory suggests some of the 'green' will be neutralized ('faded') to grey/brown by any (red) "rust" streaking/washes.. and if you want to take some of the yellowness out of your green, a very thin wash (or spray) of blue will do the trick (military modellers call it a 'filter').

  2. if the two shots of the model are a tad darker looking than IRL (underexposed), I'd say you have quite good matches..
    Perhaps a very light overall 'fade' (extremely light) with your concrete grey..?

  3. Quite interest Paul. Thank you. I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment for so long. My fault.


  4. I meant to type "interesting".