Friday 1 December 2023

Wisconsin Central Boxcars

GTW 5931 is at the top of the blog for December.  Seen here, the SD40-2 is pulling a string of empty 86 foot auto parts boxcars that are bound for the parts plant just a couple of minutes down the track.

A while back, I weathered a Wisconsin Central boxcar for Jamie, and now I've done another for him.  And one for myself as well.  Here's a few looks...

This first one is done for Jamie...As the boxcar looks (well, looked) fresh out of the box.  The reporting marks came already patched like this.

Here it is masked up for paint fading, done similarly on the other side

Faded with my usual concrete grey airbrushed, and some rusting

Some graffiti on one side as well, mostly done with decals from Blair Line.  The white graffiti scribbles by the ends are made by me with a white paint pen.

 And this next car is mine.  The process for this boxcar was done pretty much the same way.

And the other side
Again I used Blair Line graffiti decals, and the white paint pen.

A view of one end.  The couplers are rusted as well.

Here's my boxcar finished up and out in the wilds of the layout.

Happy Railroading

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