Friday 8 December 2023

JBOX 149500

I pulled this boxcar out of storage this week to give it a little time out on the layout.  When I say "a little time", it's likely to be a few weeks.

This was painted and lettered by me several years ago.  I had wondered for a long time before that just what one of these might have looked like if there ever had actually been one in the 1:1 world. This is of course an Athearn model, as Tangent wasn't around back then.

The JBOX reporting marks were dreamed up by me.  The J is my first initial, but on the boxcar I like to think of it as for "Jumbo" for the size of the car. Those letters and numbers, as well as the RailBox graphic are Microscale decals.

The car number I used is taken from the "CAPY" number of the car.

I had a hard time finding the boxcar data decals in black lettering. I eventually found some from somewhere in Michigan, or maybe it was Illinois.

Obviously unweathered, this boxcar does stand out when it's on the layout.  So I'm thinking that some weathering may be in order for this boxcar.  I'll update things as that happens.

Switching to the real world now, this is the kind of day we had here last Friday, Dec. 1, 2023. There was a derailment of two cars down here the day before, and I think these two tank cars are them, but I'm not sure.
The orange flame of the refinery flare, if you can spot it in the distance, adds a nice touch to the scene once you see it.

Have a good week. Do some modeling. And some Holiday shopping.


  1. I like it, but the Railbox scheme is always my favorite boxcar scheme

  2. Thanks. It certainly is a popular scheme among model railroaders.