Saturday 8 October 2022

Yard Finds

Noticed this boxcar at the GTW yard on the layout, and thought we'd have a look at just a few yard finds...

A look at the other side. Did you notice that some of the white lettering has "chalked" and streaked down the sides?

  Some of the graffiti are decals, some of it is my own work

An old DT&I gon, dirty, but in good shape

And the other side of the DT&I gondola

This "drone view" let's have a look at the inside of the gon, weathered with Rust Effects.  The darker areas have also had a light touch of Tamiya's black Panel line
The Tamiya Panel Line products have a pretty fine brush built right into the cap.  Just a light touch of it was applied to the floor panel seams.  I also apply heavier amounts along the corners (lengthwise) and let it run along all the way from one end to the other.  I really like the colour variation effects it adds.

And just down the track a short distance sits RBOX 31916 looking somewhat weather worn.  The tackboard beside the door is weathered, so that adds a nice, subtle touch that could be easily overlooked.
I would think this covered hopper, owned by CIT (financial) Group would be fairly straightforward to emulate as a model 

A pair of new carbon black hoppers down at the yard in Sarnia

And Brian Smith sent along this photo of gondolas loaded with new ties at the St.Thomas yard.  The tri-axle hi-rail truck is nice.  Kind of looks like it's "poppin' a wheelie" !


  1. Nice job on all your cars, Jim, and that Gon interior is awesome !!
    Maybe add just a touch of debris...?

  2. I might do just that. I do have removable loads for all of my gondolas.


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