Friday 21 October 2022

LTEX 9293 Lease Locomotive

Saying farewell this week to LTEX 9693, an SD45T-2 tunnel motor, which I sold a couple of weeks ago through Canadian Railway Modelers Buy/Sell on facebook.

I had the locomotive for a few years, and had weathered it and patched it to Larry's Truck and Electric.  My friend Sean had the LTEX decals made for me. I like the idea of having some leaser engines for the layout, and the weathering turned out quite nicely on 9693, but this one never really saw much running time on the layout.  That was mainly because it just never really seemed to "fit in" on the JSSX, which is generally oriented toward industrial switching, using a lot of GP 38's.

So, 9693 has a new home in Quebec now...

Top view

And a few more, taken around the maintenance building area

9693 out.

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