Saturday 15 October 2022

Southern 86 Footer

 (Almost) fresh out of the box is this Southern boxcar model made by Tangent.  I'd already brushed on some of the white below the lettering to represent a bit of chalking running down from the letters before I took a picture.. 

Here's the boxcar finished up. Mostly sprayed with rail brown, but I think I've gone just a little too heavy with it. 

I do like the way it's turned out, but I do kind of wish I'd kept it just a bit lighter in colour.

And the other side...

I haven't decided yet, but I might try to lighten this up a bit with some really thinned Flat Haze.
The boxcar is going to stay this way for now at least.  Also though, I'd like to put the FRA reflective stripes on it if I can find photos of them on a similar Southern 86 footer.  It's funny, has no photos of SOU 42415.  They have 42416 and numbers above that, but they are the 4-door style of car.  I wonder what Tangent went by when they chose the number.  They must have had a photo somewhere, right?

Elsewhere, it's been three or four years since my next door neighbor, Ian Cryer, moved to Goderich, Ontario. Ian is quite a photography buff, and he sent me this photo from the Goderich freight yard.

Super weathering on this plow.  The black has faded way down to a light grey, and the streaking along with the bits of rust. Makes me kind of wish I had a reason to put a plow on the JSSX. Thanks Ian !


  1. If you want a plow, weather one up then park it near your scrap yard, or on some other track as if it was bad-ordered at interchange and needs repairs. The latter would actually be a neat opportunity to create a welding scene or some other type of repair activity...

  2. Thanks Dave. Luc called me last night to say he thought I should have one too. He said that TrueLine Trains was going to make one that would be correct for the type in Ian's photo that I used in the blog. Not sure that TrueLine ever actually produced it though. Walthers makes a plow, but it's a different type. And now Brian has emailed me as well to say that I should get one as well.