Saturday 6 August 2022

Conrail Boxcar CR 244129

The new header photo for the month of August is a nice view (well, I think so anyway) of GP38 #813 of the JSSX power fleet parked outside of the maintenance shop.  This one was originally numbered 815 honoring my sister's birthday, but this engine is my favourite and I got kind of selfish one day and decided to re-number it to 813 to represent my own birthday.  Sharron gets the former 813 renumbered to 815 now.

Last week I showed this same photo of my Tangent 8 door boxcar, along with my comment that it was way too clean looking...

It's not that clean any more...(and yes, it's the same car)

The prototype photo I used for this side had the two union promoting tags in the middle area of the boxcar.  I thought they were kind of a neat.

This photo is a bit blurry.  Sorry 'bout that.

And the other side...
The pieces of graffiti were done with Posca paint pens that I had heard about.  I bought a set online through Amazon

Not necessarily in sequence, but here's everything that I used to weather this one.

One more look at the boxcar, from more of a distance.