Saturday 20 August 2022

This and That in August

Owing to such nice weather outside, there's still very little going on at the JSSX, so I thought I'd post up a few pictures from the files.  Some may be familiar from previous postings...

The weathering on this older Roundhouse model makes it appear to have been out on the rails for quite a long time

JSSX 5068 in for maintenance.  Can you find the JSSX lettering on it?

Another view of the JSSX Maintenance building.  The building itself is a Pikestuff kit, which I painted in grey to try to keep it as commonplace looking as I could

I like this recent view as the GTW's 5931 as it approaches the shadow of the overpass.  The boxcar on the right is one of only a couple of my freight cars that I didn't do the weathering on.  I don't remember who actually did the painting and weathering on that one, but I got it from my friend Luc some years ago.

CN SWeep
Looks a little bit too shiny at the trucks and fuel tank, especially when compared to switcher 1317 in the background.  

I'll close out this time with this picture of the 12 years old Algoterra. Taken last weekend as it passed under the BlueWater Bridges, it was heading out into Lake Huron on it's way to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Actually, this ship has already come back past here on Friday, and is now in Nanticoke.

For those interested in ships, here's a link below to where you can find ship locations throughout the world

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