Saturday, 13 August 2022

August 13th (8/13)

For some reason I like to think that maybe it had been a dark and stormy night on August 13 (8/13), 1956...the night I was born. Yup, 66 years ago today.

I've read that Elvis Presley released his hit single Don't Be Cruel later that same day. His performance in this link attachment took place about 4 weeks later:

Anyway, since it's 8/13 today and this is supposed to be about model trains, I'll present a few looks at my engine 813 as it goes about some business on the JSSX...

813 on the ready track, all set to go

Coming around the curve to work the Front Industrial with 3 boxcars in tow

Here, along the Front Industrial track, 813 is paused to uncouple from the boxcars

The engine moves forward to pick up that single boxcar in the distance. Once coupled on, it will have to run around to the other end of the cars it brought along, and shove forward to spot them at the warehouse

I like this view of the engine as it shoves ahead beneath the overpass.  I'm not sure I've tried taking a picture at this particular location before this, but I think it's an interesting viewpoint

Another look beneath the overpass.  I think that this view however would benefit from some refinement of the camera's angle.  Something to work on for another time.

The GP38 has also picked up a covered hopper

And finally for today, 813 with the covered hopper and boxcar returning to the JSSX yard.


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Jim !
    Great photos, too .
    For the record, we are one year apart: 9/1955 here.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Congrats! Also, try adding details like birds under the bridge. Those who look will be nicely surprised.

  3. As another August 1956 birthday modeler (the 4th), nice work and happy belated!