Saturday 26 March 2022

JSSX 812 (finally) Ready To Go

 Work and paint on the new GP38 has finally been finished up, so I thought we'd have a look...

The new 812 about to come out of the maintenance shop.  Sister 815 is to the left.

Edging it's way out into the light.  Gone are the oversize white numbers (which I thought looked stark and out of place), the numbers are decaled on the sides of the nose instead.

I decided that I might like it if the back end of 812 was painted in the grey as the nose is, and maybe it shows how a colour scheme might evolve a little bit over the course of time

The Three Amigos.  812, 813, and 815 all lined up for this shot.  JSSX management (me) hopes that at some point to have ditch lights added to 812 and 815, as they are a really nice feature on the 813.

Kind of a nice view of these 3 of the shortline's GP38's.  A couple of subtle changes is that the grab irons on the Cornell Red units have been painted white (for safety) instead of the grey that the 815 had previously.  Also, 812 has had the horn relocated toward the rear of the locomotive.  815's horn is missing for the moment, but I've got a replacement around here somewhere.  I'll probably move it to the rearward location as well. 

Thought I'd also post this look at the 3 main JSSX engines at the shortline's maintenance area.  The two Cornell Red engines look great and I really like them, but that old, weather worn 813 is still my favourite...


  1. They look great, though regarding #813...

    As said in the movie "The Three Amigos": "Looks like someone's been down here with the ugly stick."

  2. LOL. But, it's ugly good, right? Thanks.