Saturday 12 March 2022

Workbench Views

 I've added another blog link to the sidebar "My Blogs List".  This one is for the "The Little Rock Line", which I found via the D&H Colonie Main blog.  The Little Rock Line looks to be a top-notch N-scale layout set in 1980 and the blog is really nicely done. The link will be on the sidebar, or you can just use this one right here:

Moving on now, hopefully you saw last week that I had posted a picture of my version of a not-so-neat-and-tidy workbench, and I wrote that if anyone sent me a picture of theirs, I'd post it up on here as well.

I actually received four responses, with photos attached, from other modelers. I was hoping for maybe a few more, but I'm not complaining. I appreciate them taking the time to send these for us all to look at. Here they are, in all their glory, and in the order that I received them through the week. I've also included brief descriptions from the senders...

First up we have this example:This bench belongs to Benjamin Maggi, of the DandH Colonie Main blog (see the sidebar for a link).  Benjamin refers to this as his "modeling bench", but he also noted that he's got a separate bench that features a drill press, belt sander, grinder, and miniature bandsaw.

Next is not really a bench, but a look at in-progress models from Bradford:
Bradford writes that he doesn't have a permanent space yet for a bench, but he was kind enough to send along this photo of some current N Scale projects that he's got underway.  Left to right we've got CSX 700 an ES44-AC receiving detail work, then an SD40T-2, two SD35's being upgraded to SD38-2R's, a B40-8W, and a GP38 being detailed into a GP38-3.  So, some pretty cool stuff going on here.

And Kevin Smith sent us this view...
Kevin's roll-top desk serves well as his work space.  He's working on a Georgia Kaolin covered hopper, and kitbashing an Ortner aggregate hopper from an MDC rapid discharge car.  Kevin points out boxes of detail parts above the desk, and his research centre to the right.

And here's a view from Mark Gionet:
Mark sent this photo in of his busy looking workbench, which features natural daytime light through a window above the bench.  He's working on Boston & Maine RS2 and BL2 models, a couple of bad order freight cars, and some scratch-built white pines to keep him busy. Mark commented that "you can never have enough projects".  I'm not quite so sure he's right about that.

I'll close out this week with a look at my bench from a different angle:
Thanks all for looking in.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Also, does Mark Gionet have a blog? I really love B&M-related layouts.

  2. He does not have. But he reads yours.