Saturday 12 June 2021

Over the Road Trailer

We'll get to the title subject in a minute, but first, Brian Smith sent this photo to me this week.  Brian figures that this would make for a good modeling project, and he's not wrong! I wonder though if he's hinting that it's something he'd like me to do for him sometime.

I can't help but wonder how the bulkhead looks like on the near end of this TTPX flatcar.  Thanks for this, Brian.

Did a little bit of work on this (Walthers) 53 foot trailer...
One of the landing gear "feet" had broken off and been lost, so I cobbled a replacement together, and painted it all silver.  I also used the silver on the wheels, the rear doors hardware, the glad-hand fitting at the front, and the rear bumper.

To make the tail lights red, I simply coloured them in with a red Sharpie pen, and then painted the frame around them with the flat silver.

Hard to see, but for each of the vertical panel/rivet lines, I put the tiniest possible dab of black acrylic artist paint I could at the top, and then dragged a damp brush downward to create the streak of road grime.

High on the front end of the trailer, I sprayed very thin flat black to show as exhaust accumulation from the diesel engine. The lower portion of the sides received a couple of pretty light passes of rail brown from the air brush .

 And since you've read this far along, below is a link to the April update YouTube video of the Seaboard Central layout.  I like this layout because the setting is modern, and just about everything is weathered.

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