Saturday 6 July 2019

The JSSX Engine Shed Just Got a Little Bit Safer

3 weeks ago, I showed some photos taken around the Goderich & Exeter Locomotive Maintenance building up in Goderich, Ontario.  I had noticed then the safety striping at the sides of the large roll-up door and thought maybe I'd try to do something similar on the JSSX maintenance shop as well.

Good friend Chuck - a talented modeler - volunteered to send me an assortment of red and white striping decals that he had to spare. They arrived in the mail last Friday. So here's how the locomotive doorway is looking now at the JSSX shop
The safety stripes are a small and subtle detail of course, the kind of thing that might not even be noticed, but I thought it was kind of a neat idea for the layout.  My thanks to Chuck for the decals, and also thanks again to Ian Cryer whose photos of the GEXR maintenance building gave me this simple idea.

That's an SD40 leaser from NREX beginning to roll out of the JSSX shop.  I started the safety stripes at about 4 or 5 feet off the ground and they run up to almost the top of the door.  I spaced just a few of the stripes a bit randomly.

And speaking of the GEXR, I dug out these old photos that I took in Goderich in about 1993 of 3 of the original GEXR GP9s. At the time, I believe that the railway was owned by Railtex.  I've always thought of this cream and emerald green colour scheme as one of my favourites.
GEXR 180, 179 and 177 are working the Sifto Salt mine in Goderich in about 1993. And there's my old '86 Chevy Blazer at the side of the road too.  That was a great little truck. I always liked the old-style square headlights it had.
GEXR 180 along with 177 and 179.  Hard to see, but 180 has the Shakespearean character name "Falstaff" painted below the cab. Another was "Titania", But I don't remember the names on the others.

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