Saturday, 27 July 2019

Leaser Locomotives at the JSSX

At the top of the blog, in the header portion, I mention that the JSSX occasionally see leased locomotives on it's rails as well as their usual GP38's. And last Sunday there was a thread at,4833009  about modelled Rent-A-Wrecks.  Trainorders is a pay-site, but you might be able to see thumbnail size photos if you click the link.  Anyway, with all that said, I thought I'd feature a couple of my leasers this week, so let's have a look at some of my "rent-a-wrecks" from Larry's Truck and Electric...
Here is former Cotton Belt SD45T-2, now LTEX 9293, stopped on South Industrial Blvd. As part of my weathering I covered over some of the original white Cotton Belt lettering with red decals from a red Microscale set to give the appearance that some of the lettering had peeled or worn away. I had the lights changed over to led's by Ron Creasor, but I'd really like to have ditch lights added as well, especially with the engine appearing on street trackage. Those great looking LTEX decals were given to me by Sean Steele.

The following two locomotives look great, but I think both really should get at least some some weathering added to them as well. 

Here is LTEX 3415, a former UP "snoot nose" SD40-2, rounding the curve behind the JSSX Locomotive Maintenance building on it's way to the yard. Despite being originally built as an SD40-2, at some point the prototype of this engine was re-designated an SD38-2. Sean Steele painted and lettered this one for me, working from a photo I'd found at
The ditch lights and led's on the model were added for me by Ron Creasor.

This is LTEX 8935, an SD40-2, also painted and lettered for me by Sean Steele. I'll have to get led's added some time.  I think that some grime streaking and probably at least a little rust is called for on this unit.

And as long as we're on the subject of LTEX leasers, for those interested, below is a link to a short youtube overhead drone video of the yard at Larry's Truck and Electric.  Some good images of locomotive roofs, something we don't always get to see.

There are other videos of Larry's Truck and Electric on Youtube as well.

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