Saturday, 4 August 2018

HS Coil Steel Car

Apologies to anyone that tried during the day last Saturday to use the link to the Industrial Paved Street Track that I included in the post. I hadn't actually posted any links here before, and didn't do it properly.  I got it figured out though and fixed the link later Saturday night.

I have a few coil steel cars that appear every now and again on the layout. The JSSX does serve a small fabricating shop that receives this type of car occasionally. I added to the collection a couple of years ago when I picked up this covered coil steel gondola on a trip to Florida.  At that time, this model (Atlas) kind of stood out to me because it was the first one I'd seen one painted in this light grey scheme.

This freight car took quite a while to make it's way into the weathering lineup, but it's done now, my weathering inspired by this Erik Edmonds photo that I ran across online.

I chose to leave the reporting marks just as they were.  I painted the cover flat black, and added the rust streaks and patches.  The patches are pretty light and hard to see in the photos, but they are there. I'm kind of wrestling with whether or not to put the graffiti on it. Maybe I'll give it a try. The rusty weathering on the lower portion of the car is done with burnt sienna oil paint, thinned and streaked using a wide, flat brush. The trucks and wheels are done with Krylon Camouflage Brown (Ultra Flat). Some rust powders were added to colour the wheels a bit.

I lightly weathered the cradle inside the car and set some coils inside just for the picture. 

The weight for the Atlas coil car is located inside the cover, glued in.  The cover won't be able to go back on unless these coils are removed.

Last week I posted a photo of the Algoma Corporation lake freighter Innovator.  Here is a going away shot, taken this week, of CSL Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin northbound into Lake Huron. Named after the former Prime Minister of Canada, this self unloader measures 726 feet long. Mr. Martin was the President and CEO of CSL beginning in the early 1970's, before becoming Finance Minister and then Prime Minister.

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