Saturday 18 August 2018

BKTY Boxcar

This ex-MKT boxcar gave me the inspiration to weather a car from my cupboard in a similar manner.  I ran across the prototype picture, taken by Robin Thomas, on the website.

My favourite things about this particular boxcar are the black patch that the "Plate C" label is placed over, and the black patch on the door. I didn't even try to replicate the faded out and rusted over graffiti.

Of course this boxcar is the older Athearn Blue-box variety.  The green is faded by use of light coats of Proto-Paint Flat Haze.  Thanks to George Dutka for telling me about this product.

And a roof shot, taken from the local highway overpass.

And here is a shot of a short GT train, with the BKTY car, about to make a reverse move on the street trackage.  Even on the JSSX there's a telephone pole that manages to get in the way...

And lastly, there's lots of grey in this photo of the freighter Tecumseh as it passes below the Bluewater Bridges on it's way to Thunder Bay. Grey stones, grey bridge, grey freighter, and reflecting the grey sky even the water looks grey this afternoon.  Interesting too are the horizontal "weathering" marks on Tecumseh.  Usually on railroads most weathering marks are vertical.

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