Saturday 11 August 2018

New Industry - a little progress...

Four weeks ago (boy, that time went fast) I posted about a new industrial buildiing I had started working on for the layout. Here's an update on how work has progressed since that time.

On the rail side (of course) of the building, I've cut in a recessed area to hold the plastic pellet storage silos. This brings the silos closer to the covered hopper cars, and I think it simply looks a little more interesting.

The silos are from a used set of 4 that were given to me about 3 years ago by Brian Smith. They were plain white plastic, so this week I finally spent some time cleaning them up a bit, and then spray painted 3 of them ( I took them outside to do this) with Krylon Ivory. The Ivory colour helps to break up the white of the long wall of the building. I think 3 silos is enough for this building. With the building roughed into position for now, everything will have to receive some light weathering at some point.

I've also got a bit of a start on scratch-building a long "steel" rack to support piping and hoses that would be used to unload the covered hoppers. Still in white plastic, you can kind of see it roughly in place in this picture, leaning against the two covered hoppers. The idea is that the track and freight cars will run between the building and the piping rack.

In this nearly identical, but uncropped photo, I try to show the size of this stub ended peninsula of the layout. It's about 7 feet from the wall at the left to the right-hand end of the peninsula. Those tracks in the foreground go another 12 feet or so to the right and then loop back around to allow for continuous running. For the pictures, I have removed another warehouse building that sits between the front edge of the layout and the GT boxcar.

Looking a little worn, the bulk carrier Labrador is entering the St.Clair River at Sarnia, Built in 2010, the Labrador is on it's way to Montreal and then on to Dominican Republic.

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