Thursday 1 March 2018

I'd Model This

I'd really like to model this scene on my layout. And I mean I'd really like to model it. If only I could just figure out where to put it. I like the triangular concrete dock, and that it appears to be just resting on top of a collection of concrete slabs. Notice that the trailer on the right is oriented forward to the others, and second from left has a roll-up door.  This scene is located behind the Lamco Transportation terminal that I showed here back on October 22, 2017.


  1. That is pretty neat. As someone who plans to only model what actually existed on the D&H, I find it frustrating to come across really neat ideas for things that I can't use on my layout because they didn't exist there in real life. This must be one of the benefits of freelancing.

  2. It is a benefit I suppose, but I feel that I can't just model everything I see or like either. It's still got to fit in with my overall concept.