Sunday 25 February 2018

JSSX 508 Lighting Upgrade

I'm sorry if this is a little bit redundant to start with, but the first picture I posted when I began the blog in September 2017 was this one of JSSX #508 just edging out of the shortline's engine shed. This particular engine has been a favourite of mine for a couple of reasons, but mostly just because I like the look of it. It's a GP38-2, which is an engine model that I've always thought suits the smallish size of my railroad well. It was originally a Florida East Coast engine, but in my layout's world it's been purchased used from them by the JSSX. 

Here we can see 508 running beneath the sanding tower in front of the JSSX engine shed, again back in September. There's SW 1200 switcher #1317 sitting on the track beside it.  Notice that the headlight on 508 is turned on.

Now, here's the 508 today back in the same spot again.  It had been listed as "out-of-service" for a couple of months while the shop crew worked on improving the lighting.  The shop crew, by the way, is Ron Creasor, who did a great job installing the new LED lights and ditch lights.  The management (me) at JSSX is pretty happy to have this locomotive back in service. Management (me again) has also begun looking into getting some lighting work done on 1317 as well.

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