Tuesday 6 March 2018

Tunnel Liner Segments

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of photos of where the car ferry yard, or "boat yard", used to be here in Sarnia. I referenced that when CN built the new tunnel that runs beneath the St.Clair River in 1992 the boat yard became redundant.

I miss that yard, and seeing the car ferries running back and forth across the river from Sarnia to Port Huron, Michigan, loaded mostly with 86 foot high cube auto parts boxcars and auto racks that wouldn't fit in the original tunnel. I've always wanted to include a car ferry operation on my layout. Maybe one day.

Here's a view of the two tunnels, albeit without a train, taken back in November from the pedestrain walkway that crosses over the tunnel cut.  Seems I never actually see a train exiting the tunnel, but I think CN runs about 20 - 24 trains a day through it.

At the top of the hill on the right, there's a fenced in area that has quite a number of left over concrete liner sections from the new tunnel. I have no idea how many of those sections were used in constructing the tunnel, but I do remember that there were a couple of nearby fields that were full of them. Here's a view of some of those leftover.

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