Tuesday 27 March 2018

The Worst Block in Town #3

Downtown Deco also supplies plastic awnings in the kit to place above the windows and front door. I tried one of them, but I didn't care for the way it looked. AIthough I liked the idea of the awnings, I thought that they just looked too new and clean and perfect for what I want my building to be about,

I had some .025 steel wire on hand, so I took a bit of that and bent some simple steel frames to look like they might have have supported canvas awnings. I drilled a couple of tiny holes into the brick, and mounted the wire frames with a tiny dab of white glue.

The old Coca-Cola advertisement was part of a wall sized decal included with the kit. I just trimmed out the Coke part because that's all I wanted to use.  That's an abandoned couch and mattress sitting toward the back of the cement foundation. They come with the kit.

This is the view of the building where it will sit on the layout, with another Downtown Deco kit beside it.

And here's the view from across the street at the JSSX engine shed, or if you prefer, it's from in front of my workbench.  Barely visible in this photo is a handrailing I put on the front steps.  It's an old front railing from a GP 38. Still have a few finishing touches to go on this (some ground cover, ballast the track, etc., but this is what it will generally look like. I think that red brick wall looks a little plain, so I'll have to address that as well as completing the street to cross the tracks.

All in all, I like the look of this building, and had a great time assembling, painting and adding a few details to it.

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