Saturday 9 December 2017

The Railway had Visitors

Back on November 29th, George Dutka and Peter Mumby visited with me and took in the sights around the JSSX.  Their visit was pre-arranged, and I kind of figured they'd bring cameras and maybe take a couple of pictures while they were here. But truthfully, I was a little bit intimidated when I saw them unloading camera bags and tripods from George's car.  I quite enjoyed seeing which things caught their interest around the layout. A couple of super nice guys and terrific modelers, these fellows are welcome back here anytime.

George was kind enough to send me a bunch of the photos they took, so here are a few of them:

First up, is the 3 of us.  That's me on the left, Peter in the middle, and George on the right.

JSSX 508 is just getting back to the yard with a short train of autoparts boxcars.  That "star" feature shining from the lights on my GT SD38 sure is a nice camera effect.  And that cab just will not sit down properly ever since I had the ditch lights were added.

The track in front of the abandoned freight warehouse at the other end of the layout looks like it has become a good place for JSSX to store the crane and flatcar.

SWeep 7104 sits at the side of the JSSX engine shed.  This locomotive doesn't actually run on the layout, as it's DC and the layout is set up with DCC.  I bashed the model several years ago from a couple of Athearn locos, and I like to at least set it out on the layout from time to time. I took a real nice photo of 7104 beside the Sarnia roundhouse.  If I ever figure out how to get my scanner to actually work, I'll share the picture on here.

An abandoned quonset hut.

I didn't realize George was actually taking this picture of an in-progress weathering project that was sitting on my workbench when he and Peter visited.  There's the prototype photo in the background, sitting on top of the other boxcar.  Weathering is now complete on this 86 foot boxcar. I'll try to feature it soon on a Weathering Wednesday.

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