Sunday, 3 December 2017

JSSX Covered Hoppers

It had occurred to me quite some time back that it might be time for me to take my Red Wing Milling company model off the layout as I had grown tired of it, and replace it sometime with something else. When the chance came up to sell the building to friend my Brian, away it went.  However, doing so also meant that, temporarily at least, my small fleet of covered grain hoppers really had no purpose on the layout. Maybe they would have to be either put away or sold off as well. 

I've weathered and patched four of the covered hoppers to show ownership by my JSSX shortline. Before removing or selling them though, I thought I should at least take a few pictures of them.

Here, in the foreground of the first photo are those four JSSX hoppers strung together, and being pulled around to the company yard by SW1200 1317.

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