Sunday 15 October 2017

Chain Link Fence

A couple of gondola loads of pipe have just come out of the JSSX yard and are about to be delivered to the Wright Bridge and Tank fab shop.

The rail access gate into the shop will have to be opened by the train crew.

Before I started the blog last month I'd had a number of favorable comments from visitors about the chain link fence that I have in a few locations around the layout. This example is of Plastruct chain link. It serves the purpose alright, but I do think it looks a little too heavy, to the point where it's a bit over-scale. I've just purchased a package of chain link made by Walthers (kit number 933-3125).  There's 80 inches of fence in the kit. I'm looking forward to trying it out fairly soon.

The "barbed wire"  at the top of the fence (to the right of the spur) is brown sewing thread. I like the way the tiny bit of slack in the thread makes the barbed wire look as thought it's been damaged and bent.

I think that little yellow shed needs some weathering.  I'll put that on the "to do" list.

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