Thursday 26 October 2017

GT GP38-2's

Grand Trunk GP38-2's 6210 and 6212 round the curve between a local machine shop on the left and the JSSX engine shed across the tracks to the right.  They'll be pulling about 10 cars or so around the layout and into the freight yard.  Usually about a half dozen of the cars from this train will be interchanged over to the JSSX, and the GT then picks up whatever JSSX has ready to go out.  

These two engines do most of the mainline work on the layout.  They run at very nearly identical speeds, so I almost always leave them consisted. I think that they'd look really good if I could have front ditch lights added below the deck of both of them.

The 2 side-by-side yards are small, only 3 tracks each, including run-around tracks.

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