Friday, 29 September 2017

CHTT Waffle Boxcar

Here, JSSX GP38-2 #508 (ex Florida East Coast) has coupled onto that 50 foot Chattahoochie Industrial waffle sided boxcar, shortly before delivering it to the local printing plant.  The JSSX yard is made up of the interchange track that the geep is occupying, the adjacent storage track, and in the foreground, the runaround track.  I used blue decal film to "paint out" the FEC hurricane logo, but now I kind of wish I'd left it visible.

The high-cube boxcars in the background are in the GT yard, which is separated from that of the JSSX by a roadway, fencing, and a line of telephone poles.

A better view of the CIRR boxcar. I picked this up used at a train show, at the time thinking it was a Roundhouse car (it came in a Roundhouse box) but have since been told it was made by Walthers.  I did the weathering with burnt sienna water-mixable oil colours.  Hard to see here, but I used PanPastels on the roof.

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