Sunday 22 October 2017

Lamco Transportation building

Back in August (2017) I was on my way to the VIA station in Sarnia to do some train watching, when I noticed that the Lamco Transportation terminal on Campbell Street had a for-sale sign on it. With no equipment or people around, it looked as if this small terminal had shut down.

Taken on an overcast day a few weeks later, this picture shows the building in a much more even light.  Notice that the for-sale sign is gone, and the weeds and overgrowth have been cut down giving us a much better view.  I think this small trucking terminal would make an excellent project for inclusion on a model railroad.  Perhaps the front side only could be used as a low-relief building along a backdrop, with or without a trailer or two in front of the doors.

Here is the (east) elevation of the Lamco terminal.

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