Monday 25 September 2017

Weathered a couple of gondolas for fellow modeler Ron McCormick over the past couple of weeks.  This former BCOL gondola has been sold and re-lettered to his BCR.  Patching the reporting marks was done by painting flat black over the "OL" and adding the "R", albeit in a different letter size. The gon started out in a bright but deep green colour, which I've flattened down to near black. I've left a few panels in a weathered green to look as though they've been re-painted at some time.

The 2nd gondola has been beaten down with rust and dirt from it's original bright GTW blue.  Then, some of the grime has been removed, allowing just a bit of the blue to show through, hopefully to somewhat simulate that perhaps for some reason a couple of panels have been washed using high pressure water jetting. This gondola would fit in nicely with the other GTW cars I have on my layout. If I had a scrap yard on my railroad (hmmm), I'd probably make Ron an offer to purchase his car!

The 2 gondolas together. The wheels and trucks have been weathered too, although they show better in the first 2 pictures than they do here.

These "drone view" pictures show the weathering I've done inside the gondolas. The insides are rusty, but too clean, so just for good measure, I've made a couple of drop-in false floors for them as well. The drop-ins are rusted, but feature some leftover dirt, a few rusted metal scraps and a bit of gravel from previous ladings.  Now Ron can decide which way he'd like the insides to appear.


  1. Cool idea about the drop in floors with extra detailing. I have added flat weights to my MTY gons and painted them to help conceal, but I really like this idea of making false floors. That way I can better hide these weights. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Mike - Thanks for your comment. I think you're the first one to do so on the blog.

      The drop in floors are simple enough to do. Be careful with the width and length of the drop-in though. Too much either way car result in a scratch to the walls or ends if you have to force the drop-in in or pry it to get it out.