Friday 22 September 2017

JSSX yard engine 1317 is working on the left, and to the right a GT train is moving down the main track, ditch lights on, with 11 cars. A few years ago, I read a suggestion about train lengths that I thought made sense on a layout the size of mine. The idea I've put into practice is to limit train length to two cars per axle of engine power. The layout is not very big, so this "rule" feels "about right", and actually helps to enhance operation in some instances, as it forces me to think through some switching jobs beforehand.

Looks like 1317 is pulling a couple of covered hoppers out of the JSSX yard.  They are likely headed for storage somewhere, as the grain mill on the railway was recently sold (and removed).  Management has yet to decide what to do with these two cars and two other covered hoppers which are all lettered JSSX.  The gondola is loaded with new railway ties for the shortline.

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